Call for industry collaboration

Interested companies are invited to contact the school (see below)

The joint Doctorate in Industrial Innovation of University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is built upon a strong collaboration with partner companies. The role of a partner company is central in each PhD project.

The company:

  • defines the research project accordingly to its own innovation needs;
  • selects a collaboration modality and the associated funding schema for the PhD scholarship, among: PhD Executive schema, Highly-Skilled Apprenticeship Scholarship, Collaboration Scholarship (see below);
  • is consulted during the selection of the candidates;
  • assigns an internal advisor to the candidate, who, together with the academic advisor supervises and asses the research activity of the student.

Research project (January-April 2020)

As a first step, a research problem, in one of the research areas of the School, is proposed by the company. The school, together with the company, identifies, inside the University or FBK, an Academic Advisor for the PhD position, and designate an Industrial Tutor inside the company. The Industrial Tutor discusses the project proposal with the Academic Advisor, and defines the abstract to be published with the call for PhD candidates.

Agreement (April 2020)

The company can choose among three collaboration modalities and the associated funding schema of the PhD activity:

  • PhD Executive schema: the PhD position is reserved to the employees of the company. No scholarship is due to the PhD students since they maintain their employment contract within the company.
  • Highly-Skilled Apprenticeship Scholarship: is characterised by a period of up to 36 months of internship in the company. The company provides the PhD scholarship.
  • Collaboration Scholarship: the internship is reduced to a maximum of 18 months. The student spends a longer period at the University or FBK labs. As in the previous case, the company provides the PhD scholarship.

Student’s selection and supervision

After the call for application will be closed (May 2020), the company will be consulted on the selection of the candidate.
The Industrial Tutor and the Academic Advisor will supervise and asses the research activity of the student, starting on November 2020.

Call for interest

Interested companies are invited since now to contact the school to present and discuss their research problems and objectives. In the case an opportunity of collaboration for one or more PhD positions is identified, a formal agreement to formalise the collaboration and the financial contribution of the company will be signed. Form of co-financing from third parties are also possible.
If you are a potentially interested company, please, contact the School now (industrial-innovation [at] for further information.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay