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Call for application

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Doctoral Programme in Industrial Innovation 38th cycle
 The Call is closed
Results available here

25 extra positions in Industrial Innovation are available within the additional call NRRP, Ministerial decree nr. 352
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Admission requirements and topics

The requirements and application procedure are detailed in the PhD Call (see the "Downloads" area on the right). Only the Italian version of the PhD Call is legally binding.
To participate in the PhD Call, applicants must have an academic degree which grants access to a third level education programme (PhD) in the country it was issued. In particular, applications are accepted from applicants who hold:

♦  an Italian “Laurea magistrale” instituted in conformity with Italian Ministerial Decree 270/2004, or
♦  a university degree of the previous regulations (Italian "Laurea specialistica " or "Diploma di Laurea"), or
♦  an equivalent degree obtained abroad (Master's degree) and recognized as equivalent to the Italian "Laurea magistrale" by the Admissions Committee for the sole purposes of admission to the Doctoral programme, also within the framework of mobility and cooperation inter-university agreements.

Applications are also accepted from students who expect to complete their degree by 31 October 2022.
The selection is based on the evaluation of the applicant’s titles and qualifications.

Deadline: August 23, 2022 | 16:00 (CEST)

The application must be sent online at Applications sent by other means are not accepted.

To obtain an account at the University of Trento, register at It is strongly recommended not to wait until the last few days prior to the deadline to submit your application.
After completing and sending the application, please make sure to receive an email notification confirming the definitive completion of the application procedure.

Applicants may also opt for additional scholarships and positions reserved to employees of partner companies, which will be available AFTER the publication of this call and published on the selection website.


The applicants who will have the application open after the publication of additional scholarships or positions reserved to employees of partner companies can apply for those scholarships by using the entry “Other” in the proper section of the application online.

The applicants who will have already closed and sent the application before the publication of additional scholarships or positions reserved to employees of partner companies can apply for those scholarships by an additional application available at only from August 24 to August 31, 2022, at 16:00 (CEST). Please use the same credentials of the main application.

The selected applicants, during the enrolment procedure, will be required to sign a specific declaration of commitment to confidentiality and transfer of intellectual property rights, to allow the University to comply with the obligations regarding intellectual property towards the funding body. The relative form is available in the Download box.

The list below provides a short non-exhaustive summary of what to upload on the application:

♦  scanned copy of the applicant's ID or passport
♦  M.A. degree transcript of records and diploma
♦  Curriculum Vitae
♦  Master's thesis abstract
♦  Motivation letter
♦  Research Proposal 
♦  Certificate attesting the knowledge of English language at B1 level

The application is subject to €15 non-refundable fee.


A, B – Quantum Technologies for Imaging & Communications (Leonardo S.p.A) >> details
C – Characterization and modeling of graphene-enhanced polymer composites for high-performance structural applications (Leonardo S.p.A) >> details
D – New Accelerated Computing Technologies for Model Base Digital Twins and AI Frameworks (Leonardo S.p.A) >> details
E – Domain adaptation from generated data to real domain (Leonardo S.p.A) >> details
F – Frugal NLP for operative context (Leonardo S.p.A) >> details
G – Unified Foundation models for Speech-to-Speech Translation (FBK - Naver Labs Europe) >> details
H – Artificial Intelligence for Digital Transformation (FBKDedagroup S.p.A) >> details
I – Innovative technologies and processes for digital transformation and sustainable development in the large infrastructure sector (SWS Engineering S.p.A.) >> details
J – Super-resolution ultrasound imaging using monodisperse ultrasound contrast agents (Solstice Pharmaceuticals B.V.) >> details
K – Fair and transparent machine learning models for talent selection (FBK - Gi Group) - additional (published on 27.07.2022) >> details
L – Highly efficient, integrated, parallel digital machine learning architectures for imaging systems (FBK - Sony Europe B.V.) - additional (published on 27.07.2022) >> details
M – Innovative detectors for THz/IR sensing and imaging systems (FBK - Sony Europe B.V.) - additional (published on 27.07.2022) >> details
N – Scalable and parallel tensor algebra programming for irregular applications (Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG) - additional (published on 29.07.2022) >> details
O – Text mining pipeline for capturing and organizing information from unstructured and heterogeneous text sources, automated semantic analysis and interpretation, with application in various business domains (Techvisory s.r.l.) - additional (published on 08.08.2022) >> details

All above scholarships are subject to acceptance of the full transfer of the ownership of the intellectual property of the research results.

Positions without scholarships, reserved to employees of partner companies:

AE - Hybrid approaches for multiscale mathematical modeling integrated with machine learning in industrial pharmaceutical applications (reserved to employees at Fondazione The Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI)) >> details
BE - Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision in agro-forestry and environmental applications (reserved to employees at FOS S.p.A.) >> details
CE - Optimisation for a process model applied to a research cleanroom (reserved to employees at FBK) >> details
DE - Security & Trust - Connected, Cooperative, Automated Mobility (reserved to employees at Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GbmH)  - additional (published on 27.07.2022) >> details
EE - System security (reserved to employees at Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GbmH) - additional (published on 27.07.2022) >> details
FE - Digital and Data Sovereignty: secure, controlled, and trustworthy data exchange (reserved to employees at Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GbmH) - additional (published on 27.07.2022) >> details
GE - Cybersecurity validation of security architectures for vehicles for defence and off-road applications (reserved to employees at Iveco Defence Vehicles S.p.A.) - additional (published on 03.08.2022) >> details

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