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Call for expression of interest

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Within the PNRR Program, the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) has allocated €2.250.000 to the University of Trento in order to co-fund around 75 PhD scholarships for the next academic year 2022/23 (see the Decree nr. 352 of 09.04.2022 in the Download box). 


The Doctorate Program in Industrial Innovation is a 3-year PhD program, which starts on November 1. Within the PNRR co-funding, the program will present several peculiarities:

  • Mandatory internship within the Company co-funding the scholarship (min 6, max 18 months)
  • Mandatory period of research abroad (min 6, max 18 months)


The total (3-year) cost for a PhD scholarship within the PNRR program is € 76.170 including:

  • Scholarship: € 48.870
  • Social security contributions: € 11.411
  • Research budget: € 4.887
  • Scholarship increase for a 6-month period abroad: € 5.002
  • Management fees: € 6.000

Since the MUR co-funds € 30.000, the companies will have to co-fund the remaining amount, that is € 46.170.


Given the very tight deadline imposed by the MUR (June 20), the following is the timeline: 

Step 1. Complete the Expression of Interest form (in Italian or English at your preference) by either

- filling in the online form at
- filling in the .doc form available in the Download box.

Please, submit the online form or send the .doc file to industrial-innovation [at] by May 22. This Expression of Interest is not binding and is subject to approval by the University of Trento. 

Step 2.  The University of Trento will shortlist the proposals satisfying the requirements of the PNRR Program by May 31.

Step 3. The University of Trento and the selected companies will sign a binding agreement for the co-funding by June 10.